Safe Bicycle St. Crossings in Tucson AZ

This map assists Tucson family bicyclists in planning routes by finding safe places to cross major streets. The safest are school crosswalks with button-activated lights; but other safe intersections and crosswalks are shown too. Click any pin to bring up more info or use streetview.

This is a public collaboration! It relies on information supplied by bicyclists. Please add your favorite crossings on the map with a blue pin and comments as desired. Feel free to edit, correct, or add comments to others’ contributions.

See it here.

To add a pin: Click “Edit” (above this description) to then get “pin” (top left). Don’t forget to “Save” when finished.

To overlay Tucson’s “official” bike paths click the bicycle checkbox on the pulldown in the upper-right. Note that these official routes–geared towards major roads–are not always the safest or most comfortable for casual cyclists with children, and often do not intersect the crossings shown here.

Jonathan Kandell,

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