Bicycle Parking code improved — and passed!

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on the bicycle parking issue. City Council gave us and the BAC an additional two weeks to work through the details. The development and business community, LSA members, and BAC members joined the Parking Code Subcommittee of the Land Use Committee to improve the code and ensure that bicyclists will have safe, convenient parking in all new developments going forward. The business community was pleased with the compromises we made as well, so it would seem that everyone was happy with the outcome.

We owe a special thanks to Adam Smith and Jim Mazzocco from City of Tucson Development Services for working through the issues and facilitating a resolution at the last minute. And of course the members of the Parking Code Subcommittee have spent the last 18 months working through innumerable details and issues to create the new parking code — all as a volunteer service to the community. The new parking code’s reduced car parking requirements are vastly superior to the suburban model we had until Tuesday, and should go a long way towards reducing heat island effects in the city and fostering a denser, more urban environment that’s more suited to bicycling, public transit, and walking.

Want to see the whole code? Download it here:

2011 Parking Ordinance (5MB)

The good stuff is here:

Page 16, Sec. – Bike parking in the downtown area
Page 31, Sec. & 4 – Required bike parking
Page 32 – 34, Formulas for Entertainment, Rodeo, Retail Trade Use Group
Page 37, Sec. – Exception to the 50′ location requirement
Page 37 – 38, Sec. – Long-term parking criteria
Page 53, Development Standard 1-05.4.0 – bike parking in-lieu fee

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