Do “Children at Play” signs imperil our kids?

And what does that mean if they do?

‘There are other problems. Does the presence of a “Children at Play” sign subtly hint that there aren’t children at play in other locations? Does the sign breed a false sense of security? And does it, as some engineers suggest, encourage the idea that the street is to be used as a play area—which could, as one report suggests, expose municipalities to the possibility of tort liability?’

‘But “Children at Play” signs are a symptom, rather than a cure—a sign of something larger that is out of whack, whether the lack of a pervasive safety culture in driving, a system that puts vehicular mobility ahead of neighborhood livability, or non-contextual street design. After all, it’s roads, not signs, that tell people how to drive. People clamoring for “Children at  Play” signs are often living on residential streets that are inordinately wide, lacking any kind of calming obstacles (from trees to “bulb-outs”), perhaps having unnecessary center-line markings—three factors that will boost vehicle speed more than any sign will lower them’

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