How Walkable Streets Can Boost the Economy

This Big City, a website devoted to exploring our increasingly urban world, came out with an article recently about the economic impact of walkable streets overseas.  It includes some pretty compelling findings:


“If you think about your favourite streets, the ones where you like to hang out and meet up with friends: the chances are that these types of street are walkable.  Well it turns out that walkable streets are not only fun and exciting places to be, they are also incredibly profitable.

Research commissioned by the TfL Urban Design team has found that making a street more walkable can add up to £30,000 to the average property price in that street.  In one case study, they found that over £9.5million had been added to local property prices by improving a street with:

  • widened pavements;
  • extra trees;
  • improved lighting;
  • new wayfinding signs.”

… read the full story here.

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