SunTran considered fourth-best transit system in the country (UPDATED)

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The Brookings Institution has evaluated the transit systems for the 100 largest urban areas in the country, and Tucson’s SunTran system came in at number four.

Coverage: 73.1%
Share of Jobs Reachable in 90 Minutes: 58.2%

Tucson has one of the nation’s shortest public transit waits, with typical service averaging under 10 minutes. Under tight revenue conditions, bus fares will increase by up to a third. Sun Tran, the public transit agency, is planning to expand service.

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ADDITION: MAY 20, 2011

The New York Times published some interesting commentary on this study here. Tucson, with a ridership of just 2.5%, ranks #4, while New York City, with a phenomenal ridership of 30.4%, rates #13. Go figure! According to the author:

The Brookings study collected some pretty interesting data, and it picked a worthwhile subject. They just asked the wrong question, focusing on access to public transit rather than considering a commuter’s choices.

The Brookings rankings are based on two criteria. First, what percentage of a metro area’s residents live within three-quarters of a mile of a public transportation stop. And second, what percentage of commutes to work can be made within 90 minutes using public transit.

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