Portland’s Elly Blue to visit Tucson

An evening with Dinner & Bikes

Elly Blue, well known Portland bicycle advocate, regular contributor to Bike Portland and Grist, will be visiting Tucson on Thursday, September 15th as part of her west coast “Dinner & Bikes” tour.  Here’s how Elly & Co. described the traveling event:

“Dinner and Bikes is an evening of gourmet vegan food and bicycle inspiration. Our goal is to create an interactive, engaging event that brings together people with diverse interests and catalyzes new thinking and action around food and transportation.  You’ll fill up your plate, find a seat, and enjoy new and amazing flavor combinations while touring vegan chef Joshua Ploeg describes the meal and ingredients and, if we’re lucky, tell one of his traveling stories.
Then we get to the bicycles. Elly Blue provides an interactive primer on the economics of bicycle transportation, complete with inspiring photos and jaw-dropping statistics. Then Joe Biel will take the stage with a different selection each night of his very-short films that explore different aspects of Portland, Oregon’s bicycle activism and culture.
You’ll also be able to peruse our mobile book and zine shop, featuring transportation and food related titles.”


Living Streets Alliance, in partnership with BICAS, is working to provide a location for the tour’s stop in Tucson.  We’ve got a pretty good outdoor venue in mind, so check back soon for details.  Meantime, you can visit The Dinner & Bikes Tour’s website to learn more.


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