Changing Minds Through Bike Rides: Car Critic Columnist Becomes a Bike Rider

Occasionally in the transportation world, a simple solution to a long standing problem arises.  In this story out of Toronto, a pro-bike blogger and an anti-bike journalist decided to put their disagreements aside and go for a ride.  After the ride, something powerful happened.

It turns out Jack loved pedaling around the city so much that his article changed from being a typical “Fixer” column, to allowing him to profess his enjoyment for riding a bicycle in the city – something he hadn’t experienced before, and one that he couldn’t understand or appreciate while sitting inside an automobile.

What started out as a simple bike ride turned into a life changing experience.

Sometimes all it takes is a ride around the city for someone to truly appreciate the benefit of using a bicycle for transportation. We do it simply because it’s fast, and fun.

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