Every Dot on This Map a Roadway Fatality

Just last month, ITO World, a transport information specialist organization based in the UK, released an online map showing roadway fatalities throughout the U.S.  ITO produces “mapping and visualisations to help people understand and analyse complex transport data”.  This map site has an interactive map that marks exact locations of roadway fatalities in the United States.  It also displays what type of road user perished: motorist, pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcyclist.


Link to the map here: Road Fatalities, USA.


From the site:

Use this site to view information about virtually every fatality that occurred on roads in the United States as a result of a collision involving a motor vehicle between between 1 January 2001 and 31 December 2009. For each incident you will be able to see the person’s age, sex and the year in which the crash took place. Where information is not available fields are left blank.

This map visually conveys the insurmountable number of lives that are lost as a result of automobile-centric infrastructure.


Here in Tucson, the release of this map is timely, considering the high number of pedestrian roadway fatalities that have been reported just in the past few months.  One thing to note about this map: notice that the majority of pedestrian fatalities occurred on major arterials like Grant and Oracle.  These tend to be roadways with higher traffic speeds, 5 or 6 travel lanes, and fewer opportunities to cross safely (using crosswalks, etc.) in between major, signalized intersections.


In 2012 Living Streets Alliance will be launching a pedestrian safety campaign aimed at helping to prevent more pedestrian roadway fatalities.   We’ll be looking in depth at recent incidents to try and understand more about why these collisions are happening and how they can be prevented.

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