2012-2013 Pedestrian Safety & Comfort

2012-2013 Pedestrian Safety & Comfort Campaign

Creating a “walkable community” is one of the shared values of our region (as identified through Imagine Greater Tucson).  Right now is a critical time for our region to focus on pedestrian needs: last year, there were 23 pedestrian fatalities in the region.  More often than not, walking has become difficult, uncomfortable, and often downright scary.

LSA has come up with a 6 point campaign to change that.  We recognize that walking is the most fundamental unit of our transportation system.  Walking is free, it’s good for our health, and it allows us to meet our neighbors and community.  No matter where we go, we are all pedestrians at some point during our day.

Our goal:

We want to make the simple act of walking
safe and desirable in the greater Tucson region.

To do this, LSA is pursuing the following initiatives:


1. Pedestrian Friendly Policies

Work with existing regional efforts to implement policies and programs that encourage walking and prioritize pedestrian safety.


2. Neighborhood Walking Audits

Engage and mobilize neighborhoods to assess neighborhood assets and deficiencies of pedestrian safety, ADA accessibility, and human comfort.


3. Community Walking Promotion

Encourage and educate the community on the benefits of walking as a transportation mode through community events and programs and by developing educational resources (walking destinations maps, etc.).


4. Pedestrian Master Plan

Collaborate with regional agencies to develop a community driven Pedestrian Plan that defines specific steps needed to achieve community goals.


5. Pedestrian Improvement Funding

Initiate with neighborhoods, agencies and community leaders a Pima County and/or City of Tucson 2014 Capital Improvement Bond for Pedestrian Improvements for Parks, Pedestrian Boulevards & Neighborhoods.


6. A Safe, “Walk-Friendly” Community
These efforts will culminate in a successful  “Walk-Friendly Community” designation.


View our Campaign leaflet: