Ask Congress to Protect Funding for Sidewalks and Bikeways

An overwhelming majority of Americans support federal funding for biking and walking. So should Congress.

Just two months ago, the Senate passed a transportation bill that included the Cardin-Cochran agreement. This bipartisan compromise would ensure that local governments and school systems are able to access much-needed funds to make bicycling and walking safer and more accessible.


Funding for biking and walking has popular support—a recent national survey found that 83 percent of Americans support maintaining or increasing federal funds for sidewalks and bike lanes.


Will you tell Congress that Americans support biking and walking funding?

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Right now, as selected Senators and Representatives conference to create a consensus transportation bill, we need to protect the Cardin-Cochran agreement.  This has been a long, ongoing process and we need to keep the pressure on!


The Cardin-Cochran agreement ensures local control over a small portion of funds for biking and walking. The provision devolves decision-making on a small portion of funds from the states to local governments, whose leaders know the transportation needs of their communities best.  Local elected officials across the country want and need federal funding to build sidewalks, bike lanes, and bike paths.  Without the Cardin-Cochran agreement, states could instead choose to direct these limited funds towards building more highway lanes.


Most Americans want to increase or maintain funding for sidewalks and bikeways. The Cardin-Cochran agreement would preserve this critical funding.  Please contact your Senators and Representative to maintain the Cardin-Cochran agreement, which gives local governments a voice in transportation planning.


Thank you for standing up to tell Congress that Americans support funding for biking and walking!

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