Better Bicycling Community’ Grants Winners Announced

LSA was mentioned by Planet Bike News on August 2, 2012.

Living Streets Alliance will promote family friendly bicycling in the greater Tucson region through four Kidical Mass events in 2013. Kidical Mass is a group ride that provides a safe, fun, and social setting for families to explore urban bicycling riding, for parents to grow more comfortable riding with small children, and for small children to gain confidence and skills in a loosely supervised group ride.

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One Response to Better Bicycling Community’ Grants Winners Announced

  1. H.C. Clayton says:

    This is not only very nice for Tucson but shows the great job that you at Living Street Alliance are doing. I believe that bicycling can be very much misunderstood by power driven vehicles to pedestrians and I will not leave our us the bicyclist. We all have to learn our place in the workings of safety for all and with organization reaching out and actually doing something will not only increase safety but will be great advocates for all. Keep up the great work of providing events and safety awareness.