LSA Streetscape Contest: Get in the Mix

Here at LSA we’re pretty excited about Street Mix, a new online visualization tool that allows you to reimagine the streets in your life.

To give you an idea of how it works, we picked Congress Street (roughly 60 feet wide from building to building) and imagined it with nice 6 foot sidewalks, street trees and lamps, good bike parking, way-finding and street furniture.  In the roadway, we’ve created a buffered bike lane and utilized parklets to create green space, while still allowing for a parking lane plus a shared travel/streetcar lane.  Sounds like a pretty attractive and bustling street to us.  What do you think?!

Street Mix

Now it’s your turn.  Below, we’ve listed a few good candidates for a streetscape makeover and we’d love to see what YOU think would make them better. 

Between now and the end of September, send us your ideas and you’ll be entered to win a limited-edition Cyclovia print

Here’s what you do:

  1. Pick a corridor from our list below (or come up with your own section of roadway somewhere here in the Tucson region)
  2. Create your ideal streetscape based on the right-of-way available
  3. Submit your ideas: a snapshot of your remix and a paragraph or two describing what you love about it and why it improves the street.

We’ll post all of the entries online and announce our favorite on October 1st.  Time to get creative!

Want to see some examples of “rightsizing” projects? Check out the Project for Public Spaces “Rightsizing Streets” website.

6th Street

Euclid Avenue to Campbell Avenue (75 feet)
Campbell Avenue to Tucson Blvd. (78 feet)
Tucson Blvd. to Country Club Blvd. (78 feet)
Stone Avenue to Euclid Avenue (75 feet)

Country Club

Broadway Blvd. to 6th Street (70 feet)
6th Street to Speedway Blvd. (65 feet)
Pima to Grant Road (60 feet)

Grande Avenue

St. Mary’s Road to Speedway Blvd. (75 feet)

4th ave

9th Street to University Blvd. (78 feet)


Note: the numbers in parenthesis above refers to the building to building (right-of-way) width

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