The perfect cocktail of transportation choices

Raise your hand if you’ve every succumbed to buying a slightly larger car because of that dream you have of taking the perfect road trip one summer, or going camping in remote places with your family more often, or being able to haul large things from here to there, or, or, or…

Okay, that’s probably most of us.  The reality is, is that we usually don’t make those things happen as often as we’d like, but we sure want to be able to when the occasion arises.

There was a great article online in The Atlantic Cities recently about how one car manufacturer is (very intelligently, we think) building in a way for people to buy an electric compact car and still have access to a bigger vehicle for those dream occasions we mentioned above.

One of the big challenges we face in trying to get more people to walk, bike, or use transit more frequently, is that we’re Americans, and that means that most of us grew up using one mode of transportation for everything.  We’re used to being a mono-transportation culture, so when someone suggests another way of getting around, we immediately think it’s “all or nothing”.

A realistic way to get people to change their habits is to offer transportation options; different modes for different kinds of trips.  Walking to school, biking to the grocery store, taking the bus across town, and reserving driving trips for hauling stuff, getting out of town, etc.

Have a look at the article.  It’s a quick read… well worth it!

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