Call to Action: Tucson Prop 409 Road Paving Priorities

What are YOUR pavement improvement priorities?

What are YOUR pavement improvement priorities?

In November of 2013, citizens of Tucson voted to pass Proposition 409 — a five year, $100 million bond to improve the pavement quality on Tucson’s streets. 85% of the funds will go to a predefined list of arterial streets (an arterial street is defined as: a major thoroughfare, used primarily for through traffic rather than for access to abutting land, that is characterized by high-vehicular capacity and continuity of movement).

The remainder of the funds, $15 million, will be spent on improving the conditions of residential streets throughout the city. The Bond Oversight Commission is working with TDOT and city staff to determine which residential streets to treat and in what order.

Are there residential streets you use for bicycling that you feel should be repaved? Now’s the time to let the city know!

For instance, Treat Avenue south of Speedway? 3rd Street east of Campbell? 4th Avenue north of University? 9th Street east of Euclid?

There are a lot of “bicycle arterials” in Tucson that serve thousands of cyclists every day in addition to the residents who live along them and people who use them for walking, but at the moment they’re not being considered any differently than any other residential street in Tucson. You can make your suggestions directly by emailing the city and the citizens oversight commission. It may help if you include details on why the street segment you’re interested in seeing repaved deserves special consideration. Consider copying your Ward Councilmember on the email you send – it is always helpful to remind our elected officials how many people bike or walk for transportation and recreation and that we care about improving conditions for all road users.

Send your email here:

And while you’re at it, go ahead and copy your Ward Councilmember too. (Not sure which Ward you live in? Click here for a map.)

You can find out more about the City of Tucson streets bond program here:

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