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Donate $50 today to support Tucson’s one-and-only alternative modes advocacy organization!

For the past two years, Living Streets Alliance has been leading the charge in making the greater Tucson region more walkable through our 2012-2013 Pedestrian Safety & Comfort Campaign. Through this campaign, we’ve achieved a lot. By engaging numerous citizens, local officials, neighborhoods, businesses, and more, we successfully completed the campaign’s objectives:

  • Residents marking their destinations

    Residents marking their walking destinations

    Launch a Neighborhood Walkability Assessment Program to help neighborhoods make their area more walkable

  • Advocate for the creation of the first-ever Pedestrian Advisory Committee in the region
  • Gather hundreds of “I Want to Walk” pledges from area residents to show broad support for a safer, more walkable region
  • Establish WALKtober; an annual month of walking encouragement and education
  • Create a comprehensive walkability checklist through the Walk-Friendly Community program to establish a baseline for making improvements
  • Ensure that the PAG Regional Pedestrian Plan update be comprehensive and relative to the needs of walkers of all ages and abilities in the region
  • Host a Pedestrian Safety & Comfort Forum with city staff, elected officials, neighborhood representatives, and stakeholder groups to develop a blueprint for improving pedestrian conditions in the area

The final objective was to secure more funding to make improvements to the walking network in the region. Under this objective, LSA proposed earmarking $50 million in the next Pima County Bond election, a proposal that was very well received by the public, proving that people from all walks of life in Tucson support better walking conditions.


Though our 2012-2013 Campaign is just about over, our work is not done! We’re ready to take all of this momentum and turn it into real, tangible change and we need your help to do so. We want to raise $15K by the end of December to launch the next phase of our campaign to make the Tucson area a safe place for people to walk. It’s going to take a lot of work to build the broad coalition of support to get “walkability” on the ballot in 2015, but we know we can do it. We just need YOUR support!

Donate $50 today and we’ll turn it in to $50,000,000 to benefit everyone in Pima County in 2015. After all, we are all pedestrians!

The urgency for a safer walking environment grows daily. Only a few days ago, another person was killed when trying to cross a street on foot in Tucson. This is the 18th person killed this year when trying to walk somewhere and it’s got to stop! These are our grandparents, our children, our friends, our neighbors. Who is next?!

Cities and towns in the region know exactly what they need to do to improve conditions, but there’s no money to make the physical changes in the street. The City of Tucson alone has a waiting list of about 120 pedestrian push-button signals (called HAWKS, PELICANS, or TOUCANS) which cost $120K each. On average right now, they can fund about 5 per year. At that rate, it will be 26 years before known dangerous crossings can be addressed and made safe. We can’t wait that long! That’s why we’re working to make sure that there’s no excuses, especially lack-of funding!

Over the next year, through this campaign, Living Streets Alliance will continue to increase visibility of pedestrian needs and issues in the area through our current programs plus new things like:

  • IMG_0697

    “Watch for Me” flags can aid walkers in being more visible while crossing busy streets

    partnering with the City of Tucson and Allstate to launch “Tucson on Two”, a region-wide pedestrian public safety campaign, including PSAs (public service announcements) aimed at making drivers more aware of pedestrians;

  • hosting walking events and organizing a day to commemorate all the loved ones lost through pedestrian/vehicle crashes;
  • working with neighborhoods to install “Watch for Me” flags at dangerous street crossings, to aid pedestrians in crossing safely;

Help us do all of this through your tax-deductible donation today and make the Tucson region safe and accessible for everyone!

It goes without saying, that this is only one aspect of LSA’s work.  In addition to this campaign, LSA works throughout the year to coordinate numerous programs and events aimed at encouraging biking, walking, streetlife and to advocate for safer conditions for doing so.  Your end of year, tax-deductible contribution will help us continue and expand these programs in 2014.  This includes events and programs like:

  • cyclovia-172-dimensionCyclovia Tucson
  • Bike Fest
  • Kidical Mass
  • Neighborhood Walkability Assessment
  • Bike-In Movie
  • Walktober
  • Guest Lecture Series
  • Walk & Talk
  • Light the Night
  • Bicycle-Friendly Business Program

…and more.  It also includes countless hours working local boards, commissions, and advisory committees throughout the region to make sure that the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users are voiced when decisions about our collective future are being made.

We can’t do any of this without YOUR support!

And, just in case we haven’t convince you yet… these faces should 🙂

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