City of Tucson Seeks Your Input on Bike Share with a Survey

The City of Tucson Bicycle and Pedestrian Program has launched an online survey and interactive map where you can suggest locations for bike share stations. The survey and map are part of a feasibility study currently conducted by Toole Design Group from Seattle, WA (Toole literally wrote the book on bike share systems in the U.S. which you can read here) which will help City officials determine if a modern bike share system is right for Tucson, the type of system that will work best for our region, how many stations and bikes to start off with and where those stations should be located.

Read more about the City’s Bike Share plan and study here.

Modern bike share systems have launched in over 30 U.S. cities with another 15 to 20 cities in the development phase preparing to launch in 2015. Read a list of cities that have or a preparing to launch a bike share system here.

Bike share systems are an affordable way to expand a city’s transit network, which for Tucson is particularly important as our transit systems often leave long distances to cover before people can arrive at their final destination (think about how far it is to walk from the Sun Link streetcar stop at 2nd St. and Cherry Ave to the McKale Center, for example).

Bike share systems are also increasing the visibility of all cyclists thereby helping to reduce crashes and increase safety for everyone – cars, bicyclists and pedestrians alike. Here’s a recent article analyzing crash data in cities that launched bike share programs compared to the same data in cities that did not.

There are also many economic benefits to bike share systems that are similar to the effect the streetcar has had on parts of downtown and central Tucson. For far less capital investment than a streetcar or even a city bus, bike share can provide connectivity and another transportation option for thousands of people every day. Here’s a great article by Forbes magazine on some of the returns on investment for cities who have installed bike share systems.

If you’d like to give input on where bike share stations should go as well as take the survey, follow this link here.



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