And the awardees are…

For the first time ever, as part of our 2nd annual Member Appreciation Party, we honored and celebrated six individuals in our community who have gone above and beyond to support better, safer biking and walking in our community, and serve as an inspiration to us by their commitment to “walk the walk”. Congratulations to the recipients of the following awards:

Captain Collin

Collin-at-CycloviaCollin Forbes

Collin wears many bicycle advocacy hats, including the dapper tweed helmet you see him sporting to the right. Collin has served on the Bicycle Advisory Committee for the last 3+ years and is active in the Enforcement Subcommittee, tasked with compiling data from police reports related to bicycle-involved crashes. But Collin, a self-proclaimed data nerd, found the crash reports so essential to understanding the behaviors most likely to lead to crashes, that he began to request police reports for pedestrian crashes as well. Collin created an informative website,, that breaks down where, when and how all bicycle and pedestrian (the pedestrian part is still under construction) crashes in our region occur.

That’s just one of many projects Collin works on. He also leads, and maps, every Tuesday Night Bike Ride route, accumulating over 5,000 miles of bike riding each year. And if that’s not enough, Collin curated the popular Bike Fest Bike-In Movie series last April. Thanks, Captain Collin, for all you do to make bicycling better in Tucson!

Queen of Kidical Mass

LuciaLucia Meinig-Reeves

Lucia and her mother, Elizabeth, are about as ubiquitous at Kidical Mass bicycle rides at the Isabella Ice Cream truck. For the last 2+ years, it seems Lucia and Elizabeth have never missed a chance to attend a Kidical Mass bike ride. At first, Lucia and her mom would sometimes drive their bikes to the Kidical Mass rides, but as they both gained confidence and skills, they felt more comfortable riding to each ride from their house – sometimes tacking on some serious mileage! We dubbed Lucia Queen of Kidical Mass for all her dedication and enthusiasm for these rides over the years. Thanks, Lucia, and thanks Elizabeth!



Paving the Way

Patrick-HartleyPatrick Hartley
Every so often, our regional metropolitan planning organization (Pima Association of Governments) is tasked with updating regional transportation plans. Over the past two years, Patrick was tasked with doing the update to the Regional Pedestrian Plan. What he created is a truly comprehensive plan to address the needs of people on foot in the region, and that serves as a blueprint for both encouraging walking and for making it safe. Patrick did a fantastic job with it and we’d like to thank him for going above and beyond to produce a guiding document that already being utilized through our Pedestrian Safety & Walkability bond proposal advocacy efforts.


Ahead of the Curve

Diahn-SwartzDiahn Swartz
As an organization, we can advocate year-round for new and innovative facilities to make biking and walking safer and more comfortable, but if the engineers designing our roadways aren’t open to trying new things, our efforts can only go so far. Thank goodness for Diahn Swartz! Diahn is a traffic engineer with the City of Tucson Department of Transportation who continues to inspire us with her outside-of-the-box problem solving and ideas. She’s played a key role in making things like protected bike lanes, bike boxes, and bicycle boulevards happen in Tucson. And, better yet, she uses them! Diahn “walks the walk”, so to speak; commuting by bike on a daily basis with a smile on her face.


MVV (Most Valuable Volunteer)

Randy at CycloviaRandy Garmon
If you’ve been to Cyclovia over the past 1.5 years and taken a ride down our demonstration Protected Bike Lane, chances are that Randy was there smiling and waving you through with a neon flag. This is just one of many ways that Randy volunteers with LSA throughout the year. Whether it’s helping shepherd a Kidical Mass ride, inputting data at the LSA office, or schlepping goods to and from events, Randy brings good energy wherever he goes. Thank you, Randy!


Designer in Chief

Dennis Fesenmyer of Fezlab LLC

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 6.52.05 PMWe credit Dennis’s work with elevating LSA programs not just in Tucson, but for national audiences too. Whether we are attending meetings here with local non-profit partners and businesses, or traveling around the country representing the work we do to make Tucson a more livable place, people ask us the same question: who does your design work? Dennis helps make our messages clear, cool, and accessible to a broad audience and we are lucky to have him on our team. Thanks, Dennis, for always making us look good.

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