Bookmans Sports Exchange Sponsors LSA Bike Valet at Porch Fest

IMG_4233The Blenman Elm Neighborhood is hosting Porch Fest this Sunday, March 29th from 4:00 to 7:00pm and Bookmans Sports Exchange is sponsoring free bike valet parking in partnership with Living Streets Alliance.

Porch Fest in Tucson is inspired by similar daylong festivals in Somerville, Massachusetts. Tucson Porch Fest celebrates local neighborhoods and musical talent in a family friendly environment. Sunday’s scheduled acts include Cadillac Mountain, Celeste Amadee, The Shameless Flirts, Sonoran Sound Society and Louise Le Hir, who will be releasing a new album next month.

Organizers of Porch Fest encourage attendees to walk or bike to the neighborhood venues. The free bike parking service will be located at the Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church parking lot, 2331 E. Adams Street. The Blenman Elm Neighborhood is north of Speedway Boulevard, south of Grant Road, between Campbell Avenue and Tucson Boulevard. The

The Living Streets Alliance Bike Valet service provides secure bike parking for festivals, fairs, concerts, sporting events, neighborhood events, and more. The service includes on-duty valet attendants to park and monitor bikes during the event, and lightweight, mobile, event racks that can park up to 70 bikes reducing the carbon footprint of an event and negative traffic impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods.

Living Streets Alliance’s Bike Valet program is underwritten by Pima County’s Clean Air Program, the City of Tucson’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program, Visit Tucson, and is sustained by event organizers or sponsors who in turn make the service free to attendees. The sponsor of this Sunday’s bike valet service is Bookmans Sports Exchange retail store located at 3330 E. Speedway Blvd.

“The opportunity to skip vehicle trips and choose active modes of transportation, like biking to an event, will improve overall community health and air quality,” said Beth Gorman, Senior Program Manager at Pima County Department of Environmental Quality.

The Living Streets Alliance Bike Valet program is available to all festival and event organizers interested in “greening” their events. Quotes for event organizers are available by contacting Living Streets Alliance at 520-261-8777 or email

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