Pedestrian Safety & Walkability Proposal moves forward at $14.4 Million; headed to Pima County Board of Supervisors for approval

Just about two months ago, we all celebrated a major win for the safety and comfort of people on foot in the region, when the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee (BAC) voted to move our $25 million Pedestrian Safety & Walkability Proposal forward. This was the culmination of years of effort, collaboration, and building a coalition of support for the proposal, plus multiple iterations of the proposal to the BAC over many meetings.

Unfortunately, just a few weeks after that decision, an initial “Bond Package Recommendation List” was generated in which funding for our Pedestrian proposal was cut by more than half, to only $12 million. In response to this severe proposed cut, we went back to the drawing board to figure out what the minimum proposal amount could be that would maintain the integrity and regional scope of original $25 million proposal. The result was a $14.4 million counter proposal.

Narrowing down the list of projects was both difficult and heart-breaking. While any reduction from the original $25M is disappointing, we’re still pleased to announce a significant win that gets us one step closer to a more walkable region. On Friday, March 13, the BAC voted on the final bond package recommendation to be forwarded to the Pima County Board of Supervisors, and they upheld our request, including $14.4 million for Pedestrian Safety & Walkability.

The recommended bond package will now go before the Pima County Board of Supervisors for their approval at which point they’ll also decide whether to endorse a November 2015 bond election or not.

We still need to make sure that:

  • Our proposal stays intact (including all the projects we proposed at the approved $14.4M) as the BAC crafts the Bond Implementation Plan Ordinance.
  • The Pima County Board of Supervisors decides to take the proposed bond initiative to vote in the November 2015 general election.
  • Pima County voters turn out in support of the bond initiative in November.

Please take a minute to send an email to your County Supervisor voicing your support for a 2015 bond election that includes funding for Pedestrian Safety & Walkability improvement projects!

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