Update on the Broadway Corridor Project

The Broadway Coalition is a group of residents, business owners, advocates and neighborhoods working towards a shared vision of a Broadway Boulevard that is an attractive destination with vibrant commercial districts connected via great opportunities for transit, bicycling and walking. For the last two years, the Coalition has carefully followed the Broadway Corridor project public input process, but many on the Coalition have worked towards livability improvements along Broadway for a decade or more.

The Broadway Coalition recently released the following newsletter with important updates on the progress of the Broadway project:


Broadway Coalition Newsletter
February 26, 2015

You have probably seen the headlines from Monday. “Broadway plan aims to level 37 buildings.”  On Friday, the City Staff released their preferred alignment which is a tweak of the alignment they presented to the City Council in October. (Report and maps are found at www.tucsonaz.gov/broadway). The alignment is about 125 feet or more in width; It has six 11 foot lanes, a median the whole length closing off many left turn lanes into businesses and neighborhoods, and on each side has a 7 foot cycle track, and 8 foot sidewalk and 8 feet of landscaping. The “report” that accompanies the map is a series of comments about some of the tradeoffs that were made. All of the planners’ efforts to work on parking were removed from the map for legal reasons having to do with property acquisition laws. While the policy of only one access point of 300 yards is generally followed, there are points where the curb cuts are more frequent. Nonetheless, there are buildings left with access issues. The design team heard the issue of small remnant parcels and have drawn a line on the map 100 feet from the back of the sidewalk to show how big the remnant parcel will be. Bus pullouts are only at the major intersections; the rest of the stops are in lane, with the cycle track going around the back of the bus stop.

The deadline for public comment on this alignment is midnight, March 11, 2015. Send comments to:

Email to broadway@tucsonaz.gov by midnight, March 11, 2015

Hand-delivered hard-copy to the address below by 5pm on March 11, 2015

By postal mail to the address below – must be postmarked by March 9, 2015

Address to use:

Tucson Department of Transportation
201 N. Stone Ave, 6th Floor
Tucson, AZ   85701

The report states it is Part 1. The next part to be released will be the technical advisory committee analysis of the alignment and hopefully a cost of acquisitions and construction estimate. No date has been set when we should expect this information.

The Broadway Coalition has been meeting with the Office of Integrated Planning (OIP) and City Manager, talking with City Council Members, and a variety of community organizations. In doing so we learned there is a narrower alignment for the western mile of the roadway (Euclid to Campbell). We understand that alignment will be released on March 5. But despite our requests and that of council members, the deadline for comments has not been changed. Please request a change in the comment deadline so we have time to consider the new information. We don’t understand how we can intelligently comment earlier than March 5 if we don’t have all the information.

The Citizen Task Force (CTF) will meet on

Thursday, March 19, 2015  at 5:30 at

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church at 1200 N. Campbell, Activity Building


A public meeting is scheduled for April and the Mayor and Council’s action on the alignment is planned for May. This rush is in order to get approval for a request for funding the next phase, construction drawings, at the June 25th RTA Board Meeting, which is their last meeting before the fall.

We urge you to register your comments with the city before the March 11 deadline.

We will bring you more information as we learn it. Stay tuned! The time for decision is near! Our City’s future depends on what we do today.

Margot Garcia

For the Broadway Coalition
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