Living Streets Alliance Awarded $5,000 Grant from REI for Curb-Separated Bike Lane Extension in Downtown Tucson

Living Streets Alliance is excited to announce that we have been awarded $5,000 by national outdoor outfitter REI to extend Tucson’s first curb-separated bike lane on Stone Avenue in the heart of Downtown Tucson. In partnership with LSA and REI, the grant will allow the City of Tucson Department of Transportation to extend the curb separated bike lane along Stone Avenue from Alameda Street, where the current lane ends, one block south to Pennington Street.


The City of Tucson recently completed work on the first section of curb protected bike lane in late April and marked the occasion with a ribbon cutting attended by Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Department of Transportation officials.

IMG_4821 IMG_4826

This section is accessible from Toole Avenue and Franklin Street and allows people on bikes coming from neighborhoods and business districts north of downtown a completely separated, two-way bicycle lane to get them to popular downtown destinations such as the Joel D. Valdez Main Library, YMCA, City High, numerous banks and office buildings and more. The proposed extension will allow for even more access, delivering people to Pennington Street which connects to the Ronstadt Transit Center.

LSA is excited about this public-private partnership to build 21st century infrastructure that is appealing to a broader audience of potential cyclists and brings recognition to Tucson as one of just a handful of cities working to implement protected bike lanes. REI recently awarded Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Seattle with grants to install similar protected bicycle lane infrastructure in the next year. You can read about that program here.

This grant was announced on July 6th! More details will be available, including anticipated timeline of construction, soon. Meantime, please join us in thanking REI for helping to make this project possible!



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