And the winner of the “Best City for Everyday Biking” in America is…


Whimsical Bike Count #8 (November) – Beards

Whimsical Bike Count #8 (November) – Beards

It’s official: last month Tucson took the title as the Best City for Everyday Biking in America. After nine months of competing with cities from around the U.S., People for Bikes released the news that Tucson was both the winner of the most recent count (bearded riders) and the overall winner of the competition.

Way to go Tucson! We knew you could do it! Thanks to all of you who braved the heat of the summer and donned your best beards, skirts, kilts, business attire, brought out the kids, etc. to show that Tucson’s bicycling community is passionate, fun-loving, diverse, and – yes – whimsical.

You can read the official announcement here:

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