LSA Seeks Qualified Bike Mechanics

25261440822_882b5f55c9_zAre you an experienced bike mechanic looking for some work on the side? As part of our Safe Routes to School program, LSA is seeking to hire bike mechanics to do basic bike tune-ups and repairs at various schools around Tucson at no cost to the participants. LSA will compensate mechanics on an hourly basis, and each clinic typically lasts about 2 hours, Usually at the end of the school day.

LSA anticipates a minimum of two mechanics at each clinic and mechanics are expected to spend some time demonstrating basic repair tasks to participants, either in a group setting or individually as repairs occur. Repairs are limited to basic maintenance and upkeep such as fixing flats, replacing tires, or adjusting brakes and chains.

LSA provides all the tools and equipment, including necessary replacement parts, such as tubes, patch kits, tires etc. Prior to each repair clinic, LSA staff will coordinate dates and times with host schools and events, schedule the necessary number of mechanics, and will also provide staff support at each clinic to facilitate sign-in, fit youth helmets, and engage participants waiting for service.

Contact Colby to inquire about hourly rates and available bike repair clinic dates.

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