City of Tucson adopts Bicycle Boulevard Master Plan

On February 22, the Mayor and City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Bicycle Boulevard Master Plan, committing Tucson to a bold vision of connecting hundreds of miles of high-quality, low-stress bike routes on residential streets all across town. After more than 8 years in the making, this is a tremendous accomplishment and a step in the right direction to make our city safer and more accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

When complete, the network will have 193 miles of bicycle boulevards along 64 corridors. The adoption of the plan helps make it easier to get funding for, design, and build a cohesive network of bicycle boulevard routes. As part of a larger low-stress bicycle network that includes shared-use paths like the Loop, Bicycle Boulevards use neighborhood streets to create crosstown bicycle routes that have features to assist with crossing major roads and slowing car traffic along the route. 3rd/University and 4th/Fontana are two examples of bicycle boulevards in Tucson, and they are favored by many bicyclists for being quiet and comfortable.

We would like to thank the City of Tucson Bicycle and Pedestrian Program, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, and City Council members for your leadership and your dedication to making Tucson a safe place to get around by bicycle for everyday purposes. We look forward to seeing this vision turn into a reality!

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