Encouraging signs from the City of Tucson: Street Maintenance Improvement Request website update & Frequent Transit Network Policy adoption

Over the last month, there have been two important developments at the City of Tucson worth mentioning. These are steps in the right direction in terms of improving multi-modal mobility and safety for all people as they move around Tucson.

1) Street Maintenance Improvement Request Website

This sight was launched to allow the public to report transportation related issues such as signage or crossings signals in need of repair, damaged sidewalks or ramps, vegetation that needs to be trimmed, or even the everyday pothole that needs to be filled.

The new website design includes both the option to select predefined categories as well as provide a written description of the problem. You can access the website and submit your own request here: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/tdot/street-maintenance-improvement-request


2) Frequent Transit Network Policy

On April 19th, Tucson Mayor and Council passed a resolution adopting a Frequent Transit Network Policy. The Frequent Transit Network (FTN) includes public transportation routes that offer service every 15 minutes or less from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays.

The FTN policy outlines a methodology for all decisions related to the future growth of Tucson’s transit network. The City of Tucson and Sun Tran have already been following the recommendations outlined in the policy, but this action codifies the long-term goal of developing and maintaining a frequent service grid.

Currently, the Frequent Transit Network includes 11 Sun Tran routes plus the Sun Link Streetcar. Learn more about the Frequent Transit Network and other transit options here.

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