City of Tucson takes important steps toward launch of Bike Share

The City of Tucson recently announced some critical decisions for bringing Tucson’s bike share system closer to launching later this year. The City has selected Shift Transit to operate and manage the bike share system, along with equipment and technology provided by PBSC Urban Solutions. In fact, Shift Transit is already looking for a local General Manager and Marketing Manager for the Tucson bike share system.

Bike share will provide 24/7 access a network of bicycles that can be rented from self-service kiosk stations. Bike share will launch with 36 stations, out of 48 pre-screened locations, and a total of 330 bikes. You can view the interactive map of proposed station locations, but the final site selections will be determined through a combination of public input and technical considerations, so stay tuned! While the color scheme and brand name are still being finalized, we do know that the Tucson system will use the PBSC Iconic bike, a simple, sturdy bike designed for people with a range of abilities.

PBSC’s Iconic Bike Model

The Bike share system is expected provide a number of benefits to our community, such as extending the reach of a bus or streetcar trip or filling in gaps between bus routes, and strengthening local businesses as bike share riders “stop and shop” near the the stations. Bike share also provides an easy way for people new to bikes to test out riding to work or running errands close to home, without the need to purchase and maintain their own bike until they’re ready.

Having a highly visible bike share system in our city can even increase the visibility of all people on bikes by helping motorist learn to expect bicycles as part of normal traffic, thereby helping to reduce crashes and increase safety for everyone. And bike share can help people make deeper social connections by giving them a means of moving through the city at a pace slow enough to appreciate their surroundings, interact with fellow riders and pedestrians, or even notice new businesses instead of flying by in a car.

To stay up-to-date on Tucson’s Bike Share, check out the project website and sign up for the Bike Share newsletter.

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