Love to Ride Tucson sunsets, but opportunities to build momentum continue with national challenge

Over the last year, Love to Ride Tucson has been a great platform to track your rides, set goals, encourage your workmates to ride, and compete against other workplaces in the Bike More Challenge. A big thanks to all our sponsors and teams for making the last year of riding so exciting!

Sadly, we’ve been unable to find underwriting to continue the Tucson platform, but the good news is you can still participate on the national platform and in national challenges with your existing profile, starting this month. Biketober, a fun, easy, social team competition started October 1, but there’s still time to form your team of up to 8 people (friends,colleagues – anyone you want!) and compete against other teams to see who can ride the most, and encourage others to ride, in October. There are a host of national prizes that you can win by jumping on a bike and enjoying the ride.

Here’s how the national competition works:

You’ll compete against 9 other teams in your ‘Pool’. This gives you a great chance of coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your Pool.

Then, after the 3rd week of Biketober, the top team from each pool will ALSO be put into a special bonus ‘Final Sprint’ where they’ll face all the other leading teams in a playoff to determine the top Biketober team!

You’ve got all month (October 1-31) to get out and earn points!

So once again, that’s:

  1. Teams of up to 8 people (anyone!)
  2. Compete against 9 other teams in your pool
  3. Top teams from each pool will face off at the end of the month
  4. Lots of great prizes, of course!

Sign-up for Biketober HERE!

And don’t worry, we’ll still continue doing fun group rides and events throughout the year, ramping up in the spring for Bike Fest, so stay tuned!

Note: we’re still looking for the perfect business or organization to step forward to be a Title Sponsor of Love to Ride Tucson and bring it back online – contact us if you want to discuss!

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