NOT ONE MORE! It’s time for safer streets in Tucson. Here’s what you can do to help

On the morning of Wednesday, October 11th, Anna Mentzer walked her seven-year old son, Ethan, to school when both were struck by a driver while crossing the street. Anna and Ethan were killed, leaving behind an older brother who no longer has a mother, or his little brother.

A family was torn apart, a school and faith-based community was devastated a second time in less than two weeks, leaving Tucsonans to wonder:

Let’s be clear, these are not accidents. The way we design our streets has a big impact on how people behave on those streets and can mean the difference between life or death for people walking, biking, and driving. Traffic crashes are preventable incidents and not just mere “accidents.”

This tragic loss of life is completely preventable, but it will take all of us standing up to demand a change to prevent another life from being taken from us.

On Thursday, October 12th, LSA held a vigil and call to action for safer streets on the corner where Anna and Ethan lost their lives to honor and remember all the lives needlessly lost on our streets in traffic crashes and to declare that one more is unacceptable!

This is just the beginning and if you are wondering what you can do to help end traffic crashes in our streets, here are three things to get you started:

1) Save the date for November 19th

November 19th is the international World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. Here in Tucson, we will be putting together an event to draw attention to the issue of traffic violence in our community and to honor loved ones lost or affected by them. If you’d like to be part of the planning of this event, please RSVP here. Otherwise, please mark your calendar now and keep an eye out for more details over the next few weeks.

2) Learn more about our Complete Streets for Tucson initiative and sign on in support of it

For the past year, LSA has been working to pursue a Complete Streets Policy for Tucson to make our streets safer and accommodating for people of all ages and abilities. Find out what a policy is and what it would chance in Tucson.

It’s time for a Complete Streets policy for Tucson to start building safety into our streets and prioritize human life over speed and convenience. Our families, our loved ones, our community deserve better. Sign our pledge of support to let our elected officials know that this is an issue that matters to Tucson families.

3) Contribute!

Most people know that LSA for our work hosting inclusive community building events like Cyclovia Tucson or for our Safe Routes to School work encouraging youth and families to walk and bike more. That is only part of what we do! LSA is also an advocacy organization, working to make Tucson’s streets safer and more accommodating for everyone, which means working with our elected officials, city staff, and community partners to push policies, procedures, and even funding that will guarantee a better, more equitable, and integrated transportation network for ALL Tucsonans.

Your financial support directly helps support that work, which is usually not fundable through grants, contracts, or any of the other ways that we underwrite our other programs and activities. We rely almost solely on financial support from the public to be able to do this work! We can’t do it without you, so please make a 100% tax deductible contribution today to help us further our Complete Streets and other policy agendas.

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