Complete Streets policy work gaining momentum

We are about a year and a half into our Complete Streets initiative and our work has been gaining a lot of momentum. Since Gil Peñalosa’s visit in April, we’ve been sensing a growing excitement around Complete Streets and hearing from many people who’re ready for a paradigm shift on how we plan, design, and build our most valuable public space: OUR STREETS.

We’ve created this timeline to help us better communicate the milestones of our Complete Streets campaign and outline the major steps –and hopefully significant achievements– that are ahead of us in the near future.

Here are couple of highlights out of the timeline we’d like to share with you in greater detail:

Complete Streets Task Force: This spring we were busy lining up a diverse group of partners to serve on the Complete Streets Task Force to move the policy development forward. The task force is made up of staff from several city departments as well as from various groups representing a wide range issues/constituencies, such as affordable housing, food justice, public health, trees/green infrastructure, economic development, and more. The group had its first convening last month and is expected to finalize a draft Complete Streets policy (in the form of a binding ordinance) by the end of the summer to bring before the Mayor & Council for discussion and adoption.

“Rethinking Streets” Community Dialogues (i.e. the floating “W”s in the timeline): In conjunction with our policy development work with the Task Force, we’re also getting ready to host a series of these workshops to engage the broader Tucson community in a conversation around Complete Streets. The intent of the workshops is to re-imagine what our streets can do for us, share updates about our Complete Streets work, and solicit ideas to help inform the policy. A group of LSA supporters and volunteers, alongside all of our staff members, have gone through a workshop facilitation training last month. They will all be hosting a series of workshop over the summer with people in their circles (neighborhood associations, church groups, civic clubs, etc.) extending our reach and getting the word out different groups. We’re very excited about these workshops and would love to hear your thoughts on groups to connect with to help us bring diverse voices to the table.

Complete Streets Presentations (i.e. the floating “P”s on the timeline): We’ve also been visiting lots of different groups (neighborhood associations, staff and boards of different organizations, professional associations, etc.) who are interested in finding out more about Complete Streets. Although not as engaging as the workshops, we do our best to keep the presentations interactive and heavy on inspiring images to show different examples of Complete Streets in different contexts. Check out a couple of the audience favorites below and let us know if you’d like to schedule a presentation for a group you’re involved with.

Columbus Circle before & after – Complete Streets don’t have to be expensive. So much can be accomplished with just paint, planters, and chairs! (Photos courtesy of NYCDOT)

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