Complete Streets Community Dialogue workshops coming to a neighborhood near you

Most public processes requiring public “input” happen in the same way; there’s an open house or a workshop that happens once, and the burden is on you to free up your schedule and get yourself there, or you miss out.

One of our main goals with the Complete Streets Ordinance process is to demonstrate a different way of engaging the community in the conversation. Yes, we’ll come and do a basic presentation to affiliate organizations, neighborhood groups, boards and committees, etc. And yes, we’ll also host a few larger workshops that will attract a certain demographic. But what about everyone else???

We’ve been working to create a “go to them” (instead of a “come to us”) engagement model and it is ready to go. The basic concept is that we’ve trained a bunch of volunteers how to facilitate a standardized workshop, which they can come and host wherever there’s interest. So, for example, if your church group wants to do a workshop, we’ll come to you; if your neighborhood wants to do a workshop, we’ll come to you.

The workshops are 2.5 hours in length. If you’d like one to come your way, our ask of you is that:

  1. You help bring together a group of about 20 people for the workshop
  2. You help us find a location that’s suitable and easy for people to get to
  3. You be available to help plan the event with the facilitator (don’t worry though, they’ll do the actual facilitation during the workshop) and that you let us know if the group has any specific needs or requests (facilitation in Spanish, help with transportation to/from the workshop, etc.)

We’ll bring everything needed for the workshop including drinks, snacks, etc.

Please contact us if you’d like to bring a workshop to your community. We hope that, together, we can bring as many community voices to the table as possible to guide and inform the Complete Streets policy as it moves forward!

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