LSA’s Statement in Support of Proposition 407

The City of Tucson is asking voters to consider approving a General Obligation Bond question for capital improvements this November via Proposition 407.

If approved, it would generate $225 million over nine years (2020-2028) to improve City parks amenities – including playgrounds, sports fields, pools, splash pads, and recreation centers – as well as connections to parks such as safe walking corridors, bicycle pathways, greenways, and enhanced bicycle/pedestrian crossings at major roadways. To get the facts about Proposition 407, visit the City’s interactive story map at:

Living Streets Alliance is fully supportive of Proposition 407 and excited by the potential for it to fund important safety and connectivity improvements to Tucson’s bicycling and walking network. Below is our official statement in support of Prop 407, which will also appear in City of Tucson voter pamphlet for the November 6th election.


Tucsonans deserve great parks AND safe, enjoyable ways for kids, families, and people of all ages and abilities to access them. Prop 407 is our chance to make that happen. It includes 53 different “connectivity” projects such as greenways, improved pedestrian corridors, bicycle boulevards and protected bike lanes. Together, they’ll provide over 130 miles of enhancements across the city, creating safe and comfortable routes for people walking and biking to parks as well as to common destinations like schools, grocery stores, and restaurants.

While connections like these are vital to our mental and physical well-being, safety on our streets is paramount. Last year 62 people lost their lives on Tucson’s streets and thousands more were injured in traffic crashes, highlighting the need for our streets to be safer for everyone that uses them, whether they drive, walk, bike, or ride the bus. In addition, our air quality is diminishing, something that affects all of us, but especially youth and older adults. Investing in quality public space through Prop 407 and providing people with practical alternatives to driving improves our air quality, our health and well-being, and our environment.

Never before has our city had the opportunity to fund these types of projects so quickly and directly. Tucsonans have overwhelmingly expressed their desire for walkable, bikeable neighborhoods, but there’s virtually no funding available to make that happen right now. With Proposition 407, we can start to build a Tucson with vibrant and connected public spaces for all to use and enjoy. Best of all, it comes at no additional cost to the people who live here; it’s a small investment that will have tremendous benefit to our community – and planet – now and for generations to come.

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