Community Pre-enactment @ 6th & 7th

A Pre-Enactment is a chance to envision what we want.

Conceptual renderings courtesy of Gabby Jehle

What’s happening?

Living Streets Alliance, in partnership with the City of Tucson Department of Transportation, local businesses, and dozens of volunteers and partners, will transform this intersection to demonstrate what a Complete Street can look like using temporary materials such as paint, flexible posts, planters and street furniture.


This is a way to demonstrate what’s possible and to try out and test changes to the street to see how they work, before they’re permanent. Since the intersection of 6th & 7th will get torn up within the next year (in preparation for Downtown Links), this is a perfect opportunity to try out some of the possible enhancements that could go into place when it gets reconstructed. We anticipate – based on successful examples from other cities –  that this project will yield the following benefits to the community:

  • Calm traffic and slow speeds
  • Enhance the streetscape
  • Make spaces for cars distinct from spaces for people to walk, bike, or socialize
  • Beautify our community
  • Shorten the street crossing distance for people on foot
  • Strengthen & build community through creative place-making

How can I get involved?

The project will be completed over the course of one day on Saturday, October 20th. Visit our event page for details. We’re looking for volunteers to help out in shifts throughout the day and to help collect data before and after the transformation. Contact us via email or at 520-261-8777 or for more information.

To become a real or in-kind sponsor or underwriter of the event, check out our sponsor levels and benefits here.

How’s it funded?

This is a collaborative project made possible through in-kind support from Living Streets Alliance and the Tucson Department of Transportation, and with private support from:










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