Here’s what we’ve heard from a diverse group of Tucsonans at our “Rethinking Streets” workshops

As part of our Complete Streets Policy development efforts, we hosted a series of “Rethinking Streets” workshops to engage community members and a wide range of additional stakeholders from different sectors in the Complete Streets conversation. During these 2.5-hour workshops, utilizing a technique called Appreciative Inquiry, participants worked together to articulate their vision for Tucson’s streets and arrived at shared themes/recommendations to guide the policy.

Recurring themes/recommendations that have emerged from these workshops include the prioritization of:

  • safety;
  • connectivity;
  • equity and inclusivity;
  • accessibility;
  • streets that focus on people and increase the appeal of walking/biking/public transit;
  • shade/vegetation/water harvesting;
  • sense of place and local character;
  • land use and neighborhood destinations; and
  • funding for creating Complete Streets including infrastructure investments in public transit and safe, separated facilities for different modes of transportation.

You can view the the group posters and the final group recommendations (on post-its) in the photo galleries below for each workshop we hosted.

On a related note, a draft of the Complete Streets Policy, which incorporates the  feedback form these workshops, is now posted online for a public review and comment period. We encourage you take a look at it, share your feedback, and pass it on to others who are passionate about making Tucson a better place for walking, biking, and taking public transit!


Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind (5/14/2018):


City-wide Stakeholder Dialogue Workshop (6/20/2018):


Menlo Park Neighborhood (6/28/2018):


Ward 3 (7/18/2018 and 7/28/2018):


Ward 6 (7/25/2018):


City-wide Stakeholder Dialogue Workshop (6/20/2018):


Mission Church (8/19/2018):


Ward 2 (8/23/2018):


Paisanos Unidos (8/26/2018):


Petroglyphs (9/19/2018):


Tucson Emerging 2030 District (9/22/2018):


Las Promotoras (9/25/2018):


Southside Neighborhood Associations Presidential Partnership (11/3/2018):


AARP and ELDER Alliance (11/27/2018):


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