Introducing the #CorbettPorch, Tucson’s Complete Streets Demonstration Site

The #CorbettPorch is complete! First-of-its-kind in Tucson, this Complete Streets demonstration project at the intersection of N. 6th Ave. and E. 7th St. is the talk of the town.

On October 20th, teams of volunteers from United Way’s Days of Caring, surrounding neighborhoods, and livable community supporters came out to help LSA temporarily and quickly transform this intersection into a vibrant, cheerful, and people-centered place.

Using low cost and temporary materials like planters with native plants, water-based concrete paint, and flexible posts, we tidied up this intersection clearly demarcating the space for cars and the space for people.

Since then, people have found all kinds of inclusive ways to take advantage of all the new public space, including pop-up vendors like Spadefoot Nursery (below) and a free movie night on the #CorbettPorch where about a dozen people watched “Urbanized”, a documentary about architects, city planners, politicians and others try to bring a fresh approach to dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of urban living.


If you haven’t been by yet, go! You can enjoy a beverage from Exo Roast Co., or just take along your favorite reading materials and have a seat on the publicly accessible street furniture. People watching is a pleasure here!

We’d like to thank all the individuals and sponsors for generously supporting this project.

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