City hires first-ever Complete Streets Program Coordinator

It’s only been a couple of months since the Complete Streets Policy was adopted on February 5th and there’s already a lot of exciting movement on the policy implementation front.

First and foremost, Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) hired a Complete Streets Program Coordinator to oversee implementation activities such as developing a Complete Streets Design Manual, a Mobility Master Plan, and a Community Engagement Plan. Congratulations, Patrick Hartley! We’re thrilled to see our partners at TDOT move so quickly and bring Patrick on board. This was a key implementation step that was identified in the policy and it’s critical to have a dedicated staff person who will facilitate all the collaborative work needed with other City departments and a wide range of community partners.

We’re continuing to work with TDOT and the Complete Streets Task Force to flesh out the roles, responsibilities, and the makeup of the Complete Streets Coordinating Council, a new body that will be established to ensure accountable implementation of the Complete Streets policy. Tucson Mayor and Council is anticipated to vote on an ordinance to establish this group this summer.

And finally, TDOT is currently reviewing proposals from consultant teams to develop a Mobility Master Plan which will be a key document to guide Tucson’s transportation priorities including building Complete Streets.

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