Spring Cyclovia Tucson event cancelled

Tucson, AZ (March 12th, 2020) – Cyclovia Tucson is a community-powered event that celebrates the people and places that make Tucson special. The health and wellness of every member of our community is of the utmost importance. To this end, Living Streets Alliance (LSA) announces that the next Cyclovia Tucson currently scheduled for March 29th, 2020 is canceled in an effort to help slow the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus.


Very little is known at this time about the risk of contraction or prevalence of the virus in Southern Arizona, yet it is clear that limiting large gatherings and practicing social distancing can dramatically slow the spread of any virus.


The term “flatten the curve” refers to the preventative measures communities can take before pandemics hit to help the healthcare system cope with a sharp rise in demand for health services. As seen in other places around the world, it is important these steps be taken before people are sick, otherwise it can be too late. What is known so far about COVID-19 is that it is extremely fast moving and highly contagious, therefore LSA cannot continue to encourage people to attend a large event with thousands of other people at this time.


For more information, this article is on the connection between canceling events and the resilience of the healthcare system: https://www.vox.com/2020/3/10/21171481/coronavirus-us-cases-quarantine-cancellation?mc_cid=b610442316&mc_eid=cfbd123113


LSA recognizes that this announcement is a disappointment to the neighbors, organizations, businesses and sponsors who have been working hard to produce an incredible event for everyone. LSA encourages people to support the small and local businesses located along and near the Downtown & South Tucson route over the next few weeks, and to check on friends and neighbors regularly, especially older adults.


Cyclovia Tucson will return when the circumstances are more conducive to public gatherings. This program is resilient and strengthened by the support of the organizations, neighborhoods, and event sponsors including Banner—University Medicine, the City of Tucson, Pima County’s Clean Air Program, City of Tucson, the City of South Tucson, Cigna, Tucson Water, the Downtown Clifton Hotel, TMC Healthcare, the Downtown Tucson Partnership, AARP Tucson, Mister Car Wash, Technicians for Sustainability, Rio Nuevo, Dragoon Brewing Company, Cox Communications, Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union, Psomas, Why I Love Where I Live, Fair Wheel Bikes, and dozens more community partners.

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