Hot off the press: Our brand new Complete Streets Community Engagement Toolkit

Process is everything, especially when it comes to developing a vision that will guide an entire city, and the rules and practices that will be used to implement that vision. When we began our Complete Streets initiative, we were intentional about ensuring that the final Complete Streets policy would center community. To that end, it was paramount that we engage as many people as possible—stakeholders, City staff and leadership, community members, and fellow advocates—and in different ways.

Our Complete Streets Community Engagement Toolkit is a recap of our community engagement process highlighting our methodology and strategies, as well as our lessons learned, reflections, and practical tips. It’s intended to elevate the community engagement component of the policy development process and explore how we interpreted community engagement through the lens of our guiding principles.

We’re excited to share this Toolkit as an example of how we strove to do work of policy design and adoption in a different way by sharing power through the practice and discipline of collaborative decision making. Many thanks to all who got involved with this effort and helped us learn so many valuable lessons as we went along, and to our partners and collaborators on this toolkit, Bryn Jones of Elan Consulting, and Sarah Griffiths of The Next Chapter Consulting & Coaching. Thank you also to Vitalyst Health Foundation  for valuing process and supporting the production of this toolkit.

If your community is about to embark upon its own policy initiative (Complete Streets or otherwise), we hope this Toolkit will give you some ideas and strategies along the way. If you need help or have questions about any of our tactics, please reach out anytime

View or download the Toolkit (5MB)

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