Tell Us Your Covid-19 Street Stories

Photo and sidewalk chalk art credit: Janet Miller

It’s undeniable that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought extraordinary challenges to our lives. Many of us have been experiencing feelings of loss, anxiety, and isolation. Physical distancing measures have drastically changed the way we interact with each other and altered our relationship to public spaces.

However, the pandemic has also brought out the community-minded spirit we all share in more playful and uplifting ways, from make-shift street closures creating safe space for neighbors to physically-distanced porch festivals with live music, and  sidewalk chalk messages popping up around town saluting passersby, inviting kids to a game of hopscotch, and celebrating the work of essential workers. Surely, there are many other tales of hope and solidarity we haven’t yet heard about amidst this difficult and uncertain time.


We want to hear YOUR stories. How are your streets being shared during COVID-19? What creative ways are you seeing your neighbors bring streets to life?  Here are some additional ideas or prompts if you need a little more inspiration:

  • What is your experience with your neighborhood streets right now? What assets, challenges, and opportunities do you see on your streets? Please feel free to share any experiences, thoughts or anecdotes with regards to leaving (or not being able to leave) your home for a walk/ride, getting to the store, the bus stops, etc.
  • Tell us about the walks you’re taking. What do you see, smell, hear during your travels? Are you noticing, discovering or reflecting on new things in your neighborhood? (Check out this great NY times piece featuring beautiful little reader stories on walking during the time of the coronavirus.)
  • What would you like to tell our local leaders about what you need right now on your streets?
  • What are your hopes for your neighborhood streets after the pandemic? What types of changes do you wish to see?

Please share your stores by filling out the form. Or send us a drawing, a video, a poem or even a song showing us the way your community is sharing and enlivening your streets or capturing your vision, hopes, and wishes for your streets. We always love to hear the perspectives of the little ones, so feel free to get your kids involved!

Covid-19 Street Stories

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