LSA Member Survey, 2014

Welcome to the LSA Member Survey! Thank you for taking the time to provide our organization with valuable insight into our membership and your feedback and suggestions for how LSA can improve. The anonymous survey below asks you to share your thoughts on the work we are doing as well as some identifying information (such as race, age, level of education, etc.) which we will share with our board, potential donors, and the public.

Why are we conducting this survey?

It is important to the staff and governing board of Living Streets Alliance that our work and our representatives reflect the priorities of the community we serve. LSA strives to be an organization that promotes equity and diversity – among our staff, board, membership and the people who attend our events or participate in our programs. This survey is the first step in understanding our current conditions and will help guide the decisions we make over the next year.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!