Special Event Bike Racks

Tucson is one of the top bicycling cities in the country,

but too often bicycle parking fills up quickly at events or isn’t available at all resulting in bikes locked to trees or fenceposts. By providing a bicycle valet at your next event, you’re reducing the event’s impact on traffic congestion and carbon emissions and giving more people more transportation options, freeing up parking spaces for people who need access to them.

Let Living Streets Alliance help you green your next event by providing additional bicycle parking racks for your attendees.

LSA will drop off, set up, and pick up our portable bike racks at your event location for only $50. We also include a couple banners highlighting the location of bike parking and a social media shout-out for your event. This allows participants to self-park when they arrive at your event. Additionally, if you are looking to recruit your own staff or volunteers to run a ‘bike valet” service, we are glad to provide the numbered & perforated valet tags for you to use.

Please email us at bikevalet@livingstreetsalliance.org or call (520)261-8777 for details or to schedule delivery.

Living Streets Alliance would like to thank the following organizations for making the Bike Rack service possible and affordable for event organizers across the region:

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