Wish List

Give your gently used goods a new life with Living Streets Alliance.

We know that not everyone has the means to donate time or money to support LSA.  Thankfully, there’s another great way to help further our mission: by donating items that you no longer need. Below is a list of our current needs, but there are probably plenty more items that would be useful.  Let us know if you have questions or want to donate any of the following items:

  • Paper shredder
  • White board– small portable with tripod, or a mid-size for in the office
  • Cardboard tubes – any size is helpful (we use these to ship limited edition Cyclovia prints)
  • Professional portfolio folder(s) – any format would work, though a larger 11×17″ would be especially useful (something like this)
  • Office/desk chairs – especially if they’re adjustable and have good back support
  • iPad – preferably one that’s G3 enabled (we’ll use these out at events to share photos, information, and get people signed up for our mailing list)
  • Laptops: iBook, MacBook Air or Pro – in good working condition (these provide a great work station for volunteers to do things like data entry, website managements, etc.)
  • Metal shelving racks – we’ve got a LOT of equipment for our biking/walking programs, so shelves like this are super helpful for storing it all
  • Mini-fridge (a.k.a. a dorm refrigerator)